On site

The role of the surveyors is to ensure that the centre applying for accreditation practice to a high professional standard in accordance with APAGE ACMIG guidelines. Each surveyor will perform the assessment individually. There will be 3 surveyors appointed at each visit.
The agenda will be pre-arranged by the APAGE secretariat and the centre applying for accreditation. The survey will occur over 2 days. Travel and accommodation expenses will be reimbursed by the centre applying for accreditation.
The surveyors will be provided with a handbook, assessment tools and supporting secretariat to facilitate the process. At the end of the survey, the surveyors will collectively make a decision whether the centre has met the criteria for accreditation. Consequently, an awarding ceremony will be included in the visit if accreditation is achieved.
The centre will be responsible for preparing the necessary documentation prior to the visit.
  • High-level Organization Chart with particular focus on the Obstetricsand Gynaecology Department and the MIS Team
  • Current map of the hospital campus including educational facilities i.e. MIS skills lab
  • Accurate list of patients who have received care under the MIS team in hospital, including their diagnosis, type of (scheduled) operation, age, physician, and date of admission
  • A list of the MIS operative and procedures scheduled for the day, including surgeries in the operating theatre, day surgeries and outpatientclinics
  • Clinical practice guidelines and any associated pathways andprotocols
  • Updated On-Call Roster for 24 hour ACLS Physician and Gynaecologists trainedin MIS
  • Logbook of Qualifying MIS procedures in the last 12 months prior toapplication
  • Sample of 15 complete medical records of patients receiving MIS surgery
  • Evidence of systems placed to monitor patient safety and outcomes e.g. Audits, Improvement Projects
In addition to patient interviews, the surveyors will conduct panel interviews with the following personnel:
  • Head of MIS
  • Chief Nurse for MIS Operating Theatres
  • 1 Junior O&G Resident
  • 1 Senior O&G Resident
  • 1 Clinical Fellow (if Applicable)
The surveyors are able to request for documentation to be submitted or schedule for an activity to gain additional evidence for accreditation.